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Fitness In The Workplace with SARMS
September 15, 2023 Blog Luke Thorpe

Fitness in the workplace has gained increasing attention as organizations recognize the direct benefits that physical well-being can have on employee performance, morale, and overall health. On, you can learn more about some of the advantages and considerations when implementing fitness programs in the workplace.
Advantages of Properly Promoting Fitness and Wellness in the Workplace
Properly promoting fitness and wellness at work is not just an investment in employees’ health—it’s also an investment in the overall success and …

A Guide on Starting a CBD Business in Canary
August 15, 2023 Blog Luke Thorpe

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a cannabinoid present in the Cannabis plant, together with approximately 100 other cannabinoids. As mentioned by CBDNorth, It is derived from industrial hemp, a marijuana plant variety that, according to the USDA, must contain less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight. It is said to have a range of health and medicinal benefits rather than causing a ‘high’ feeling.
An increasing range of CBD-infused products is available for purchase online and offline. They can be found in grocery stores, upscale celebrity-owned boutique shops, and …

Examining the Effect of Applicant Smoking and Vaping Behaviors in Job Interviews
June 15, 2020 Blog Luke Thorpe

Vapers are referred to as people who use cigarettes or the electronic-cigarette. As you can read here, Stigma is increasing towards their well-being in today’s society and workplace.
The key area of examination is how stigmatization affects the process of selecting a suitable candidate during an interview. Negative impressions of the interviewer towards smokers or vapers are considered.
The result is based on whether these factors should or should not prevail throughout the interview process. A framework process that is dually based was applied. The framework was …

3 Ways to Help Make Your Workplace Green
June 20, 2019 Blog Luke Thorpe

As mentioned on many prominent home and garden blogs, green spaces are all the rage. This can mean using the sitting arrangements to take advantage of the summer sun. However, one needs to make sure they maintain the indoor plants with the right insecticides.
1. Minimize The Use of Plastic
May it be bottles, plates, or straws, practice bringing your own utensils and water bottles rather than using plastic. The damage that plastic use made on our planet has resulted in a serious problem and endangering the lives of animals. Also, plastic is made with harmful compounds that can harm our planet even more. The toxic pollutants it …

Everything You Should Know as a Job Seeker
May 17, 2019 Blog Luke Thorpe

Stay at home parents are often the most common job seekers when their children reach school age.
Use Social Media Responsibly
Many applicants underestimate the background checks that some recruiters do to filter out their applicants. Always consider the outcome of your posts before posting one. It does not mean that you should always post positive ones; your other emotions are valid. However, your attitude online may have an impact on why they will choose you as their employee.
Always Communicate Professionally
Other people say that one thing to minimize your nervousness on interviews is to treat your interviewer as a…

3 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Cover Letter
April 11, 2019 Blog Luke Thorpe

This list was created by the world’s number one golf website. They are known to list some of the best irons reviews. However, it’s when the professionals are seeking rangefinders is when it really takes off. Most professionals will overlook the importance of a forgiving driver. This is why this list is important.
1. Write Your Own
There are many templates out there that you can use, but wouldn’t it be nice when your interviewer reads a personalized cover letter rather than something that has been used several times already? Write something unique about you, something that will make you exceptional from the rest.