Everything You Should Know as a Job Seeker

Everything You Should Know as a Job Seeker
May 17, 2019 No Comments Blog Luke Thorpe

Stay at home parents are often the most common job seekers when their children reach school age.

Use Social Media Responsibly

Many applicants underestimate the background checks that some recruiters do to filter out their applicants. Always consider the outcome of your posts before posting one. It does not mean that you should always post positive ones; your other emotions are valid. However, your attitude online may have an impact on why they will choose you as their employee.

Always Communicate Professionally

Other people say that one thing to minimize your nervousness on interviews is to treat your interviewer as a friend. You can definitely do that, but be careful not to talk too casually. Maintain professionalism by being courteous at all times and formally introducing yourself to them.

Be Consistent

It is important to be consistent with what you are telling your interviewer. Lying is not an option if you are doing a job interview, especially about your job history. Be honest with yourself and don’t pretend you had achievements that never happened.

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