CBD Jobs in Canada That Are in High Demand

CBD Jobs in Canada That Are in High Demand
March 20, 2022 No Comments Blog Luke Thorpe

Perceptions and legislation around cannabis have evolved in recent years. According to Budpop, CBD can improve health and wellness. Since its legalization, CBD has spawned many innovative products, and it is just beginning. They include tinctures, CBD oils, edibles, cosmetics, and beauty variants.

CBD produced the most exciting headlines in the health space since its legalization. This emerging $4.6 billion industry is expected to grow by more than $20 billion by 2024. This boom is just beginning, and there are limitless career options. This is perfect if you are hoping to change careers and are passionate about this industry.

The reach of CBD products covers many sectors. Farmlands dedicated to growing hemp in the US alone increased by 52,463 acres a year. Artificial and big machine learning are now being incorporated into the production process. This development opens up jobs in research, marketing, manufacturing etc.

Top 4 CBD Jobs in 2023

1. Extraction Technician

CBD is extracted from the leaves of hemp plants. The extraction of CBD from the plant requires a special process. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the most common method used. Your job will be to prepare the plant and equipment. Maintaining strict government regulations, keeping records and chemical processes. You need chemistry, biology, lab technology degree, or biology. for this job

2. CBD Marketer

This plays an important role in the CBD ecosystem. It includes social media marketing coordinators, strategists, product designers, copywriters etc. The CBD industry is heavily reliant on digital content marketing strategies. The goal is to build brand recognition for the right customers. Creating interactive content for a CBD company can be rewarding.

You require a high knowledge of the CBD industry and clear communication skills. You must also be digitally savvy and understand the demography of your company.

There are, however, laws regarding the marketing of CBD products. It is advised that you study these laws to remain compliant with your campaigns. This will prevent fining or shutdown of the company.

3. CBD Whole Sales Representative

Manufacturers require sales reps capable of finding and maintaining wholesale relationships. These are important to the smooth supply of products to the market. This role requires a goal-getter with a passion for the hemp industry. Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree and experience in B2B (Business to business) sales.

4. Lab Analyst

Many companies are investing in third-party lab testing by independent laboratories. Although not mandated by the regulatory bodies, these companies do it to build transparency and fidelity. The CBD analysis is the extract of these companies. Then ensure the products contain the right content and align with FDA 0.3% THC rule. They also check for harmful contaminants or compounds, if any. You might need to have a Masters or PhD in analytical chemistry and experience testing cannabis.

In conclusion, not all CBD companies operate with integrity. It is advisable to exercise caution when applying for jobs in this niche. Getting information from trustworthy sources is also important. Carry out background checks on the companies you hope to apply to.

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